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Industrial Pirates Bowling League
Official Archives

This website is dedicated to the history of the Industrial Pirates League, inside you will find many facts, figures and photographs dealing with the league's history since 2001. Unfortunately records before that have been lost, but hopefully with help we can piece together that history, if you have any material that can fill in these gaps please contact this site. 

For the latest and most up to date news on the league visit the official website - see homepage tab to visit or click here  http://industrialpirates.co.uk

There is little on the site at the moment as it is being totally redesigned, but bits and pieces will be added regularly so please keep visiting to keep up to date with the changes.

Last Modified 20th November 2017

20/11/2017 - John Gillman Cup - Winners photo's for 2014/15, 2016/17 added

12/10/2017 - Individual Cup - History page, Archived Seasons index, Roll of Honour and 2003/04 pages added

11/10/2017 - Industrial Pirates League Cup - Roll of Honour, Archive Seasons index and History pages all updated 

10/10/2017 - Industrial Pirates League -
Records, Roll of Honour and Archive Seasons Index pages all updated

06/10/2017 - New Menus - New menus added to some pages already updated

06/10/2017 - Industrial Pirates League - League History page updated

06/10/2017 - Presidents Cup - Presidents  Cup History page updated

01/10/2017 - John Gillman Cup - 2010/11 and 2013/14 pages added

29/09/2017 - John Gillman Cup - 2014/15 page added plus photo of charity shield winners 2005/06

25/09/2017 - John Gillman Cup - 2011/12 page added plus some missing data on other John Gilman and Charity Shield pages

24/09/2017 - John Gillman Cup - 2015/16 page added which includes a major OOPS moment.

17/09/2017 - John Gillman Cup - 2016/07 page added, missing normal series data though.