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Industrial Pirates Individual Cup
As far as I'm aware the League ran a separate cup for both Men's and Ladies up until the 2003/04 when dwindling female numbers didn't justify having a ladies cup competition so both the Men's and Ladies cup competitions were absorbed into one individual cup competition. 

Early editions of the cup saw players drawn out of a hat for the first round (which included byes) and then the draw went tennis style right up to the final, later editions of the cup had a qualifying group to cut the numbers to 32 but the first round was still drawn from a hat.

The next tweak to the format came in the 2011/12 season, although the overall format stayed the same, bowlers were seeded on their final position in the qualifying group, so 1st played 32nd, 2nd played 31st and so on, this basically cut out any chance or suggestion of wrong doing, the rest of the draw continued in the tennis style, and this format continues to this very day.

In 2014/15 there was yet another tweak to the format mainly because of dwindling numbers and also to try and install some more interest into the competition, this time after a qualifying group the top sixteen of said qualifying group went into four groups of four players, the groups being decided by finishing position in the qualifying group, bowlers play each other once in the group stage and gain two points for a win one for a draw, the winner of each group goes into the semi finals.