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Industrial Pirates Charity Shield
The Charity Shield was started at the start of the 2005/06 season after several committee meetings during the course of the previous season in deciding the set up of the competition, a brain child of league secretary Dale Longyear his initial idea was to have a Charity Shield match as a season curtain raiser between the League Champions and the League Cup winners of the previous season with a donation being given to the winners to donate to the charity of their choice.

However other committee members wanted to include all teams and this was the model chosen, with the winner being decided by highest handicap pin-fall, 2005/06 saw the first ever Charity Shield take place with winners Forever Hopeful donating to their chosen charity Blue Cross, the monies raised were that nights prize fund and a donation from the league itself, this method of raising cash was used for several seasons but from season 2009/10 it changed slightly, the evenings prize fund is still used but the profits from the weekly raffle / Blackout are now used to top up the prize fund.

Over the course of the seasons the league has donated over 3000 to charities (2016/17 season).