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John Gillman Memorial Cup

The John Gillman Memorial Cup was introduced to the Industrial Pirates League at the end of the 2010/11 season by League secretary Dale Longyear as a post season fun competition but with a slight edge to give the bowlers of the league a feel for tournament play as this was basically a trio's combination tournament. 

The John Gillman Memorial Cup was imported from the now defunct Business House League, John didn't actually bowl in the Industrial Pirates League, but league secretary Dale didn't want the memory of his fallen team mate to fade away so he brought the tournament to this league and changed the format, in the Business House League it was just a straight team knockout Cup..

John used to bowl for Tesco Tigers in the Business House League they morphed into Royal Mail Tigers that are well known and loved today as the most successful team in the history of the Industrial Pirates League, but by the time this had happened he had left the league and then returned to play for a team called Cut-price Shops and then Six Bells, it whilst bowling for them that he suffered a heart attack on the lanes, two more heart attacks later and he was dead much to the shock of the league, it was decided to name the team knockout after him and so it was until the league folded.

The Competition itself was to follow along the lines of a combination trio's tournament with singles, doubles, third man, and trio's sections with all scores combined to determine both a team winner and individual winner, the beauty of this system was you could make the tournament as long or as short as you wanted it, we have had it as long as five weeks but generally it was just three weeks long.

The format of this competition changed in the 2015/16 season to place more emphasis on the fun side, the tournament itself will last three weeks and will be purely a singles tournament now, with three sections - normal league, triplex and 9 pin tap, the scores from the three sections will be combined to determine an overall winner.

John Gillman