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Industrial Pirates League Cup

The League Cup started out life as just your plain old Team Knockout Cup, ties were drawn and if there was an odd number of teams in the competition byes were given and the teams league scores were used to determine a result, teams didn't actually play each other. 

It stayed this way until the 2003/04 season, when a new model was brought in and teams actually played each other,  it started with a league stage and teams went into a stepladder final based on their finishing league positions the top half went on to contest the League Cup, this style and format lasted two seasons.

For the 2005/06 season the League Cup format changed again, teams still played each other once in actual match-play in a league format, the top eight of this league went into the quarter finals of the League Cup where matches were decided on one game from here on in, again this format was to last two seasons.

From the 2007/08 season it was all changed again, if needed there was a qualifying stage with the top twelve teams going onto the league stages, in the league stage there were four groups of three, with teams playing each other twice, the top two in the group went on to the quarter finals of the League Cup, games were now decided by league scores the teams didn't actually play each other.

The format stayed this way until the 2013/14 season when because of the number of teams the format needed to change again, now there were two groups of five, teams played each other twice still and the top two from each group went through to the semi finals of the League Cup.

2015/16 saw yet more changes, because of a lack of teams there was just one qualifying group with the top four going straight into the Semi Finals, this model could be the model for several seasons to come yet as the league is struggling to attract new teams.

For 2016/17 the format was tweaked again, the group stage was retained but instead of a quarter final, semi final and final there was a stepladder final instead again using the top four from the group stage, also this season the teams actually played each other instead of matching league scores.