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Industrial Pirates Presidents Cup
The Presidents Cup was started in the 2003/04 season, after the League Cup group stage had been completed and the top eight teams had move on to the stepladder finals of that cup, it was decided by the committee of the day that it was only fair that the bottom teams in the League Cup group had something to play for as well so the Presidents cup was born and also had its own stepladder finals. 

For the 2005/06 season after the League Cup qualifying group the teams that hadn't qualified for the league Cup followed the same path as their counterparts but in the Presidents Cup, a finals night where the teams played each other over one game in each stage of the tournament, eg Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, Final.

The 2007/08 season saw yet more changes to the structure of the Presidents Cup, teams didn't actually played each other any more and league scores were used to determine cup scores, the League Cup had four groups of three and the team that finished bottom of these groups went into the Presidents Cup, who along with the four losing quarter finalists from the league cup made up the quarter finals of the presidents Cup, the cup followed normal procedures from here on in to the final.

The format stayed this way until the 2013/14 season when because of the number of teams the format needed to change again, All the teams that didn't qualify for the semi finals of The League Cup went into a qualifying round of the Presidents Cup with the top four of this group contesting the semi finals and final.

The Presidents Cup is no longer played for.